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Thursday, 12 April 2018

5 Minutes With Consultant Erica Musgrave

Erica started her career in the FMCG industry as a Territory Manager before moving into recruitment, now based in Taranaki she specialises in recruiting sales roles outside of Auckland.

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With your recent move back to recruiting what types of roles do you recruit and in which areas of New Zealand?

I am now recruiting sales roles nationwide, outside of Auckland.  Speaking to our clients in my previous role of Head of Research there appeared to be a common theme; they find it more challenging to locate the right talent in regions outside of Auckland. The talent is without a doubt there, and now Gaulter Russell Numero provides an offering that will cover everyone “in the market” and not just “on the market” in every corner of New Zealand. 

Having made the move myself from Auckland to Taranaki I realise there are others like me also looking move into the regions; and I am now perfectly placed to assist them with that kind of transition from an employment perspective and assist clients in locating both these individuals and those already located in these areas.


What are you most excited about with your new role?

To our knowledge this is a specialty that is not on offer currently and I can’t wait to meet with all the super star candidates out there and discover how they manage working remotely and engage with them regarding their career aspirations.  I intend to partner with our clients and understand how they plan to retain their talent in the regions and what careers are on offer. I will be spending some time out there in the field with sales teams so I can ensure I fully understand their market and customers. 


Tell me about your background in FMCG and sales.

After University I went into my first role as a Customer Services Representative at Pernod Ricard Winemakers.  I moved into an Outbound role and then went out on the road.  I therefore know what it is like to be a Territory Manager for Grocery, Traditional and On Premise and how demanding it can be.  On interviewing at Gaulter Russell for another Territory Manager role I was met with the question “Have you thought of a career in Recruitment?”…..and I have never looked back.


What other roles have you held in recruitment?

I started my recruitment career as Para-Consultant for the FMCG team at Gaulter Russell, learning the ropes from a team of very talented recruiters, (you know who you are!).  After two years I was promoted to a Consultant role to specialise in FMCG Territory Managers. 

Then three years ago I met my husband who is in the Oil and Gas sector, which eventually took him to Taranaki. I followed my heart with the support of Gaulter Russell and with that move took on the Head of Research role sourcing for multiple successful recruitment projects. During this time I was engaged on a lot of job opportunities requiring talent located outside of Auckland – the business requirement became even more apparent and here I am – Consultant – Sales, servicing the regions. 


Interview by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero.

5 Minutes With Consultant Erica Musgrave

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