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Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Minutes With Erica Cole

As Head of Research Erica’s role is to locate top talent and understand the next step for them in their career. Erica conducts both reactive and proactive research, which enables the Team at Gaulter Russell to be well aware of great candidates before clients need to hire. 

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How did you get into recruitment?

Recruitment wasn’t an industry I thought I would ever be in. I went for an interview at Gaulter Russell for a Territory Manager role and got asked if I had ever thought about Recruitment. So here I am.


Give me a rundown of your average day as the Head of Research?

The Head of Research role means that I have to be available to work on multiple projects and most of the time I am working to very tough timelines. This means I have to be very organised and also be flexible as my “to do” list can change at a drop of a hat. I really enjoy getting all the admin out of the way very early in the morning, so that I am free to jump onto projects when I am needed.


What types of roles are in hot demand right now?

We are always on the search for great contractors. However, I do find myself searching for FMCG Marketers, from junior candidates to our senior directors. In saying this I want to get in touch with Business Development Managers! I want people that like the thrill of the chase. 


Where do you do most of your research?

My role means that I am living on LinkedIn, our database and other social media platforms. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile you keep an eye on regularly is very important for two reasons: 1. Recruiters are watching your career progress and you don’t want to let a career opportunity pass you by. 2. There is a lot of industry information available. So make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to go and if you need help with this give me a call anytime!


What do you look for in a candidate profile? What qualities really stand out to you?

A candidate that has immersed themselves in their industry is something that definitely stands out to me. I like to see people active in their industry, have their finger on the pulse. I approach a lot of people on LinkedIn every day, even if it’s not great timing for you or not quite the right opportunity it is good to communicate that.


How can a candidate help build their presence in the job market?

Make sure that you are active on social media platforms. Here at Gaulter Russell we put up industry news, new roles and other information on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and to make sure you don’t miss out you should follow us. Also, it is important that you do your homework and find out what companies you want to work with and talk to our Team about how we can help you get that role or help you with that next step.


What advice would you give to a job seeker?

Make sure you do the basics before applying, research the company, make note of the person on the advertisement, so you know who might call you.

We are all job seekers, the difference is some are active and some are passive, so make sure that your brand is being represented in the market and you never know what opportunity might come to you.


Interview by Alisa Moore, Gaulter Russell Para Consultant.

5 Minutes With Erica Cole

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