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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Can We Find You on LinkedIn?



Erica wants you to be found…


Gone are the days where recruiters put up an ad or two on multiple job boards and the perfect candidates come to them.  We wish it was that easy.  I’m sure you have heard of people within your industry getting phone calls, emails and Inmails from recruiters with roles that could either accelerate their careers or be that opportunity of a life time.  You haven’t had a call like this yet and want to up the odds?


At Gaulter Russell all our consultants are specialised in their fields and have worked in the roles in previous lives.  Yes, I know what it’s like for example being a grocery Territory Manager getting up all hours of the morning to complete store relays.  We all do our best to know every person working in our space, it’s not always possible.  Therefore search is a powerful tool and a lot of this is done via LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


I know you are all probably busy in your current role to worry about your LinkedIn profile, look at job boards and you’re not quite ready to move roles but, have you thought about your LinkedIn profile doing the work for you?  Getting all your details up to date and accurate on LinkedIn is all you have to do.  You might not be job hunting, but I am sure you wouldn’t pass up a conversation to find out what your next career step could look like.  Successful passive candidates are people who are well networked, active on social media and want to know what’s happening in their industry.  These are the people that are getting shoulder tapped and getting the roles you want and are looking for.


On Friday 2nd October I am moving from my FMCG Consultant role and taking on the role of Head of Research for Gaulter Russell.  I will be on LinkedIn everyday searching for those perfect candidates that might not be job hunting now but want to have a chat and find out what that next step could possibly look like.  If you need assistance to “be found” on LinkedIn contact me and I will show you how.  More importantly if you are active in the Sales or Marketing space in the months to come; contact me and let’s make a plan of attack.


Erica is moving into a research role having spent the last two years recruiting sales and marketing roles with Gaulter Russell. You can find out more at


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