There are some of you reading this that are standing in the ‘in-between’ stage job wise.  You may be contracting and have found yourself in-between contracts, not knowing when the next contract will come through. There may be others of you who are ready for that next opportunity, but feeling restricted and frustrated at the lack of senior level roles in the market.


If you find yourself standing in that ‘in-between’ period then….   


1)  Keep positive! This time will end – you will look back on this period and wonder why you ever stressed about finding the right role, or wished you had made the most of the down time and the breathing space.


2)  Update your CV. Look at your CV again…. really look at it! Shred it to pieces if you have to and start writing it from scratch. If your CV is too long or if it doesn’t list your key achievements and what you contributed to your role - both at a strategic and operational level, then chances are you won’t get an interview.


3)  Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure that your dates correspond to that listed on your CV. (Yes, that’s right – attention to detail is critical!) Connect with other  professionals and recruiters within the market on LinkedIn. Ask your current and former colleagues to recommend you on LinkedIn. These recommendations are read by future employers.


4)  Reflect on and evaluate your career to date and where you see yourself moving forward. What brands would you like to work for? What skills do you need brushing up on? Are there e-learning courses that you could enrol in or day courses you could attend? Research companies and their people policies.


And whilst doing this…..


Breathe! Go for long walks each day, visit cafes you’ve never been to and enjoy the break. Sometimes breaks in our career (though not wished for) end up being the stepping stone into something bigger.


And remember, you'll look back on this time and think that all that time worrying about your next job was just that... wasted time!