Having the right skills and experience is crucial to landing the job you want. However, a good recruiter can often find two, three or more candidates with similar skills and backgrounds. What do they then look at to select the preferred candidate to put forward? Here are six standout factors that can make their choice easier, and that you need to be aware of.


1. You can feel their passion 

Passionate employees are generally happy and more successful. Passion drives people to achieve more in their chosen career; often exceeding what is expected. Recruiters see passionate people as self-motivated and having a lower risk of failure.


2. They are great communicators  

Being an outstanding communicator is a quality that recruiters look for. The best candidates have multifaceted communication skills, including excellent verbal communication skills, great writing and face-to-face discussion skills, good control of body language and are able to display high emotional intelligence.

Great communicators are able to get to the heart of issues quickly, liaise with all levels in an organisation and use their interpersonal skills to keep a wide range of stakeholders happy. 


3. You feel you can trust them   

Recruiters need to be confident their candidates will be honest, loyal, reliable and moral. Employers need to know they don’t have to second-guess motives or behaviours. Successful candidates need to come across as trustworthy. 


4. The glass is always half full  

The ‘can-do’ trait is one that wins recruiter and employer hearts. Optimistic candidates stand out through their ability to hold a positive, but realistic attitude when the going gets tough. 


5. They are creative to the core  

The importance of creativity isn’t limited to the creative industries. People with this trait tend to be original and have an ability to discard existing systems. Creative thinking is crucial to problem solving and developing new methods to address chronic issues by being able to ‘think outside the box.’ 


6. A natural born leader  

Leadership skills are always highly desired. Good leaders motivate other team members through displays of initiative, empathy, optimism, charisma, inspiration and decisiveness. It is a rare inherent trait and is distinct from simply being a manager.