You may have loved your job, your company and your co-workers when you first started, but for some reason or another, you’re just not feeling it anymore. If the four signs below sound familiar, then it might be time to reassess your current job situation.


You’re bored…all the time

It’s normal to feel occasionally bored at work. There are always some mundane tasks that just need to be done. But, if you’re feeling bored all the time because you’re no longer challenged or engaged in your work, then perhaps it’s a sign to move on. Key tell-tale signs include; staring at the clock incessantly, spending a large chunk of work time on Facebook and leaving as soon as the clock strikes home time.


You dread going to work every Monday  

Actually, you dread going to work every morning! You countdown to the weekend, and right now, you’re counting down to Christmas holidays. While it’s common to get Sunday blues, if the idea of going to work constantly makes you feel anxious and stressed, then it’s definitely time to consider a change.


You dislike your boss and/or most of your colleagues

Are you always the first person to leave Friday night work drinks? Do you always decline invites to social work gatherings? While it’s normal to not be best buddies with everyone in the office, if you get a general feeling of not fitting in, then you should consider whether it’s a case of conflicting company culture. Try find a company that is better aligned with your values.


There’s no scope for growth

Have you been stuck in the same role at the same salary for several years now? Do you feel like you’ve learnt all you can? Most people like to aim higher and improve their skill set, so if your company doesn’t offer you any opportunities to progress, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.


So, you’ve made up your mind. Now what?


Update your LinkedIn and CV

If you’ve been in the same role for a while now, chances are you need to dust off the cobwebs from your resume and LinkedIn. Once you are happy with the two, it’s time to…


…Give us a call

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