Louise is a Gaulter Russell Numero Consultant who specialises in the recruitment of junior to mid-level sales and marketing roles in the FMCG industry. Connect with Louise on LinkedIn


How did you get into recruitment?

I was working for a not-for-profit in marketing and I interviewed with a recruitment company, I was interviewed by Richard (Gray-Smith) and he asked me if I wanted to give recruitment a go. He’s now my colleague at Gaulter Russell and I’ve been here a year and a half.


Give me a rundown of the average day in the life of a recruiter?

I’d say in recruitment you have to be extremely organised, I have my to-do list and it’s a case of calling candidates for roles, setting up interviews, talking to clients on a regular basis to keep them up to date and meeting with clients and candidates. You have to be quite good at managing expectations as well as juggling lots of different deadlines.


What’s so awesome about FMCG and how can I get into it?

People are always interested in FMCG, because it’s products you see and use all the time, because we’re all consumers and everyone’s got an opinion of brands and what they like and don’t like. I really like it, it’s suited to my personality, people who work in FMCG are generally a good sort and like to have a laugh, they work hard and play hard. In terms of getting into FMCG you almost have to be born into it, the best way is to start in those Junior Marketing roles, Category Assistant, Coordinator roles or as a Territory Manager and work your way up, it’s always good to get exposure to both sales and marketing.


What types of roles are in hot demand right now?

Brand Managers always and good Commercial Territory Managers. I deal predominantly with junior and mid-level FMCG roles and am always on the lookout for good Brand and Territory Managers.


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To remember that when engaging clients and submitting your shortlists that you’re representing your own personal brand in the market. So, if you submit a list of average candidates you’ll be perceived as an average recruiter.


What has been the best moment of your recruiting career?

I always love the feeling of having met with a candidate, them telling you what their dream job is and for you to then be able to deliver that to them. When you know they’re really emotionally invested and then be able to pick the phone up to them and say ‘I have an offer for you’ is the most amazing feeling, and on top of that you have a happy client!


What advice would you give to a job seeker?

I would say make sure that you do your research on the companies, it’s really 101. If you’re going to go for an interview make sure you’ve at least looked at their website, that you’ve talked about the company with the recruiter as they should have a good understanding of what the culture is like and what direction the role and the business are going in. Just make sure you have that prepared before you go for an interview.

Also, when you have made the decision to look for a role and you’re actively looking, keep track of where your CV is and what roles you’ve applied for. There’s nothing worse than calling someone and them not knowing what role you are talking about, because they have applied for so many. It immediately makes you think that the candidate is not engaged.


Interview by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero