Social media is a powerful tool for expressing your individuality, connecting with people and sharing ideas, in this day and age it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t online: Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, Twitter averages 330 million per month, Instagram 800 million and LinkedIn has more than 530 million users.


Posts on social media are largely unfiltered and that’s why you should be mindful about the content you post, because even if you only share them with a select group of people it’s all too easy for that content to be viewed or shared with people you don’t know and it can negatively impact your career and professional reputation if the ‘brand’ you create online paints yourself in a less than positive light to prospective employers.


Here’s a few things you need to remember when posting anything online:

  • Your audience might be bigger than you think – once it’s online it’s there for the world to see; even if you delete a post, if it’s shared or if someone takes a screenshot of it then that post could come back to haunt you.


  • Enable privacy settings if you tend to post particularly personal anecdotes or photos, especially on Facebook, because if your friends comment or like it then their friends can see it too. Plus, if your profile isn’t set to private mode then anyone can view it!


  • Consider how your posts might be interpreted by people other than your close circle of friends, such as employers and recruiters, photos from a drunken night out or expletive filled comments about your dissatisfaction with a particular product or company can hurt your professional reputation and chances of employment.


  • Keep your LinkedIn profile photo professional and remember to smile, it will be hard for recruiters and prospective employers to take you seriously if your photo resembles a glamour shoot or a mug shot


  • If in doubt, don’t post it online.


Having an online presence on social media is the way of the world in this day and age, we just need to remember that the internet is all about open sharing, so our presence is truly global and impactful!


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Written by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero.