LinkedIn is a goldmine for recruiters, because it is a huge and diverse pool of talented individuals that they can tap into both when they are trying to fill roles and when they want to grow their database of great candidates for future roles. A LinkedIn profile is relevant for a wide range of occupations and industries, including but not limited to Administration, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, IT, Accounting and Supply Chain. If you are open to new job opportunities, then it is vital that you have a strong and engaging profile to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed.


Setting up a LinkedIn profile can take time, so it is no wonder that people often leave sections blank or fill out the bare minimum required, which makes for some pretty uninspiring and forgettable profiles. If you want to appear in a recruiter’s radar then you need to ensure your profile ticks the boxes listed below:


  • Include a photo – your profile will look more legitimate and trustworthy if people can put a face to the name, also, make sure the photo is professional and that you are smiling in it – a mugshotesque photo will appeal to no one


  • Write a brief description for each of your roles – just list the key/topline responsibilities, because sometimes the same job title can have quite different responsibilities in different companies


  • Do not use slang or clichéd job titles and avoid emojis / symbols at all costs, such as ***Sales Superstar*** or Finance Whizz J J J; it looks tacky and unprofessional and recruiters are not searching for these words, so your profile will be overlooked


  • Include industry words in your job descriptions, e.g. FMCG, construction, food service; recruiters regularly search for candidates in particular industries, which means you’ll pop up in more searches and more searches means more job opportunities


  • To notify recruiters that you are open to new job opportunities select the On option under Let recruiters know you’re open, which you will find in the Career interests section of your profile’s private dashboard. No one from your company can view it and it makes it easier for recruiters when they’re searching for candidates


Having a strong profile on LinkedIn will definitely increase your odds of being headhunted for roles, so if you haven’t set one up yet or if your current profile is looking bare boned then it is time to get cracking, flesh out your profile and get yourself noticed!


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Written by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero.