Richard has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, sales and category recruitment specifically within the FMCG and Consumer industries. Together with Rachael Lewis-Green he co-manages the Gaulter Russell Numero business.

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Congrats on your new role as our General Manager! How are you finding it so far?

It’s all very exciting! It has been a big change for the business that’s been well received and I’m very motivated to step up, and alongside Rachael Lewis-Green, continue to take the brand forward. I’ve been with Gaulter Russell Numero since 2008 and to have this opportunity now is incredibly rewarding, clearly big shoes to fill with Bob moving on, but together with Rachael I’m very excited to successfully steer the business into the future.


What direction would you like to see the company move in? What exciting changes can we expect to see?

We’re one of New Zealand’s most established and specialised recruitment agencies; we’re synonymous with quality and my aim is to see a continuation of us doing great quality recruitment with a group of like-minded candidates and clients where we have mutual respect and trust. I believe in specialisation, so I’m keen for us to continue to grow and develop our specialisation and in-depth understanding of the New Zealand landscape in the four areas of the market we recruit in. We may also consider some form of diversification down the line, perhaps even expanding our offering in other ways to include new technology and the way in which we engage with our clients. Whichever exciting path we take next, we will continue to be what we’ve always been; customer centric.  


Do you think the recruitment landscape is changing?

Absolutely. Technology is disrupting it, we’re seeing emerging companies that are doing not only recruitment, but also providing business advice, other facets of the HR spectrum, and also smaller boutique service offerings. Technology is a massive disruptor in every industry, we’re constantly looking at ways where we can continue to utilise technology to help improve what we already do, but fundamentally our business is about people and working with people. At the same time we want to continue to have trust and confidence in everything that we talk about as being a trusted advisor to our clients’ businesses.  


What does the GRN motto ‘successful people’ mean to you?

It’s underpins everything! From our candidates being the most successful in the market, to working with some of the most successful companies in New Zealand, and ultimately our team. I get to work with a great business partner in Rachael Lewis-Green and I get to provide a platform where I can help develop our consultants in their own individual ways to be the best that they can be. I’m really enthused about coming to work every day, and to work with some great successful recruitment leaders in our industry.  


What is your work ethos?

It comes down to keeping it simple and making sure that trust is the foundation of everything we do; that our clients trust us in delivering them great candidates, and for our candidates that we’ll place them in great companies that will continue to grow and develop them, and essentially working with like-minded individuals in partnership.


Interview by Alisa Moore, Research & Community Manager at Gaulter Russell Numero.