Morgan Whittle is a Senior Consultant at Gaulter Russell Numero and she is responsible for the start-up of our newest offering of Business Support, recruiting across all our disciplines - sales, marketing, accounting, finance and supply chain.

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How did you get into recruitment?

As many people have, I fell into recruitment by accident. Recruitment was part of my role as a Senior Team Leader when working at Flight Centre. I attended interviews and had input as to whether I felt the candidate would be a good fit for my division. I subsequently interviewed with an agency for a Team Leader role with one of their clients, and the Recruiter asked me if I had thought about pursuing a career in recruitment. Long story short, that Recruiter became my colleague when I joined the agency to start a new desk in their Business Support Division. Two years on, I have recently joined Gaulter Russell Numero as a Senior Consultant responsible for starting up the business support division, which is an exciting new venture for both myself and the business.


What types of business support roles are in hot demand right now?

Customer service roles are in hot demand currently. Kiwi businesses have a strong focus on customer service and are always on the lookout for superstars who will go above and beyond to ensure their customers are well taken care of. Customer service is a rewarding industry, where no two days are the same. Nothing feels better than turning a frustrated customer into a happy customer, whose needs have been well taken care of by a great Customer Service Representative!


What do you look for in a business support candidate?

Attitude is everything. When meeting with clients, I always say “skills can be taught, but attitude can’t”. My clients love candidates who are hungry to learn, show initiative, and want to invest in their business. In turn they take very good care of their people and want to ensure they develop and grow.


What advice would you give to a job seeker?

First impressions count. Your CV is an introduction to you and your experience. Having a clear, concise CV is very important. It is also important to ensure you have formatted and spell-checked your application. Having spelling errors in your CV is not a great look when applying for administration / business support roles, where attention to detail is a sought after attribute. I also recommend having a cover letter that is specific to each role being applied for, not a generic one that is copied and pasted from your CV. It should be tailored to the role, including information about yourself that responds to experience or attributes outlined in the job advert. If the advert has a company name included, research that company so you are ready if the opportunity arises for a phone screening interview. Nothing is more exciting for a Recruitment Consultant than a candidate who is passionate about the brand and is eager to discuss the position.


What advice would you give to a company that is looking to hire new business support staff?

I would recommend keeping an open mind when it comes to who their ideal candidate is. As I mentioned above, skills can be taught, but attitude can’t. I have had clients discount candidates based on their lack of experience when looking at their CV’s but after some gentle persuasion have met with them in person for an interview, only to find themselves blown away by the drive and tenacity of that candidate. My role as a Consultant is to consult with both candidates and clients with the goal of finding both exactly what they need (which is sometimes different to what they initially thought they wanted).