As our Research & Community Manager, Alisa is responsible for identifying top candidate talent through proactive and reactive research, ensuring we have a comprehensive pool of talent available to our clients at all times. She is also responsible for managing our multiple social media channels and creating digital content to increase our brand awareness.

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How did you get into recruitment?

I was working as a Receptionist at a commercial research company where I also helped the People & Culture department with inducting new staff members. I was really curious about the role recruitment played and so I decided to look for a support role within a recruitment agency to learn more about it.

I updated my LinkedIn profile to let people know I was interested in getting into recruitment and it wasn’t long before I was approached by a consultant at GRN for their Para Consultant role! I did that for a year and half before stepping into my current role as Research & Community Manager, which I’ve been in since April 2018.


Give me a rundown of your average day?

My day is a busy mix of both research and creative content creation and I love it!

First thing in the morning I check to see where in the recruitment process the jobs I’ve been doing research for are at and if there are any new jobs that need research. I work very closely with the recruiting consultant to ensure I’m on the right track and that the candidates I’ve found match the client’s brief. I do a lot of brainstorming before delving into the gold mine that is LinkedIn, SEEK and our own candidate database before I approach any new candidates I’ve found to gauge their interest. If they’re keen I then share their details with the relevant consultant.

When I’m not proactively searching for candidates, I create market maps that identify all the candidates currently working in a particular role, industry and location. They help me a lot to quickly identify the right candidates as soon as a new job comes in, and they’re also really useful for spotting career movement trends. I’m very inquisitive by nature, so I’m always chomping at the bit to start a new research project!

Creating content for our social media channels and website is the other side of my role, so when I’m not searching for candidates I’m writing blogs, sourcing fun content for our Instagram and Facebook pages and responding to messages from our followers.


What do you look for in a candidate? And where do you do most of your research?

Someone who has a good variety of experience working within different companies and industries, I find these candidates have picked up a multitude of transferable skills and are very adaptable. A candidate who has some decent longevity in their roles is definitely a plus too, chronic job hoppers (with the exception of contractors) make me, the recruiter and our client nervous! I do most of my research in LinkedIn, which is a treasure trove of great candidates, as well as our own internal database (which now has over 100K candidate profiles) and SEEK. I find SEEK particularly useful for identifying administration / business support and accounting candidates, especially at the junior level.


How can a candidate help build their presence in the job market?

Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile! Recruiters (and researchers like me!) spend a lot of time on LinkedIn looking for candidates for specific roles, so if you want to get noticed it’s vital you have a presence on that platform. Keep your profile up-to-date and make sure it’s detailed, try not to skip any sections and if there’s a particular area you’re interested in moving into be sure to include it in the summary section.

If you’re open to hearing about new jobs tick the open to new opportunities box, and don’t worry your employer can’t see this, only Recruiters can. You’ll stand out from the crowd by doing this and it increases your chances of being shoulder tapped for jobs! Remember, if we can’t find you, we can’t put amazing jobs in front of you!


What advice would you give to a client looking to fill a difficult role?

Particularly in the case of hard to fill or niche roles it’s rare to get the right candidates applying directly to job ads, so looking into the pool of passive candidates in the market is the best option. These candidates can be tricky to find and get hold of and it can be a time consuming process, so engaging a recruitment agency that has a dedicated research function, like GRN, will increase your chances of finding the right candidate. This isn’t something every recruitment agency offers, so we’re quite unique in that way. We’re constantly watching the job market and have had plenty of practice at finding unicorn candidates, so it won’t take us long to find the right person for you!