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Contracting continues to be one of the fastest growing employment models worldwide, enabling businesses to respond to rapidly changing market conditions in periods of growth or downsizing, to cover business-critical roles and engage staff for special "one off" projects at short notice.

Contractors are available at short notice (often immediately) and are ideally positioned to commit to fixed-term projects. They have the relevant skills, experience and industry knowledge to hit the ground running. Contractors add immediate value, as an interim solution, to ensure a business doesn't lose momentum during peak periods.

Our extensive experience and networks in this space ensure you have qualified contract candidates available to you on-demand, without the burden or complications associated with meeting permanent employee legislative obligations.

Our reputation stands on quality, reliability, and speed to market in contract recruitment solutions, to ensure your business does not miss a beat.

GRN provides contract solutions to our corporate and SME clients nationally, within all our disciplines.

Scenarios Ideal for Engaging a Contractor

  • Parental leave

  • Project resource

  • Cover for secondment

  • Interim solution for resignation

  • Unforeseen circumstances such as illness, jury service, bereavement

  • Extra resource during a period of change

  • New product development or launch

  • Work overload

  • Additional year-end resource

  • Seasonal fluctuations

  • Cover whilst recruiting for a permanent role to ensure continuity (providing both exiting and new incumbent handovers)

Benefits of Engaging a Contractor through GRN

  • Gain a resource with relevant skills, experience and industry knowledge that can hit the ground running and add value immediately

  • Availability at short term notice

  • Flexibility to take advantage of the contractor’s skills and experience in other parts of the business

  • Short term resource that under normal circumstances would be too expensive to employ on a full time basis

  • Independent contractors are responsible for their own taxes therefore clients do not pay any extra costs for holiday or sick pay, ACC, bereavement leave, etc

  • The ability to choose notice periods

  • Assists in workforce planning to avoid losing momentum at crucial times

  • GRN manages the payment administration

  • Less cost in terms of meeting permanent employee obligations e.g. benefits, redundancy, termination

  • Solution when there is a permanent recruitment freeze in place

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