Looking for a contract?

The contracting lifestyle typically attracts professionals wanting flexibility, a work life balance or an interim assignment between permanent positions.

You could be a specialist returning to New Zealand after gaining experience overseas, a parent returning to the workforce, a highly experienced migrant on a work visa, someone between jobs or you may just be wanting to explore different industries and cultures.

The benefits of being a contractor:

  • Variety and exposure to different companies/industries
  • Flexibility and control around choosing when to work
  • Opportunity to transfer skills to other organisations/industries
  • Satisfaction of achieving results quickly
  • Tax benefits when GST registered
  • A sense of working for yourself
  • Opportunity to work on high profile projects within an organisation
  • Opportunity to experience different roles and broaden your skillset
  • Exposure to new products, services, organisations, people

Contract rates

Contracting can be very rewarding financially because employers are engaging a specialist resource.

GRN seeks the best possible rates for our contractors taking into account the market rate for your skill set and the clients budget. You will discuss and agree with your consultant the rate you wish to be represented at for each role, prior to your CV being represented to the client.

For more information please contact us.