FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is essentially that! It’s all the everyday items such as food, laundry, beverage and durables that we can’t do without. What many people don’t know is the science and dedication that goes in to making products that people love and come to depend on, and in a format and manner that is convenient to them. From the minute you step into a supermarket, every move is calculated and measured, which makes for interesting marketing, research and sales jobs! 


Clients we partner with

Gaulter Russell partner with many of New Zealand’s leading FMCG brands and offer FMCG recruitment in Auckland and all over New Zealand. Our clients specialise in everything from pharmaceutical products, retail, food and beverage, through to general merchandise, ingredients, chilled goods, and snack and convenience foods. We are proud to be representing our clients’ brands and work closely with our clients during the recruitment process in order to find the most suitable candidates.  We are also very excited to work with many NZ businesses who produce and export their products globally, showing the world what Kiwi companies are made of and the innovation that can happen here! 


Gaulter Russell’s experience in the sector - roles we recruit

Gaulter Russell are highly experienced in recruiting all different levels of sales and marketing roles within the FMCG sector for both permanent and contracting jobs.  These are typically for roles within regional management, field territory management, field sales management or key accounts for grocery, convenience, petrol, food service and on/ off premise.  Marketing roles within FMCG range start at product or brand assistant jobs, through brand management and then in to marketing management and above. FMCG roles also look at the “why” and “how” of the industry, and have specific category management, insights and planning jobs that support both sales and marketing activities. A role within FMCG can be challenging but is often seen as the best classical sales and marketing training one can do, as so many different elements are used to make key decisions. 


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