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Thursday, 03 May 2018

5 minutes with Richard Gray-Smith

Richard Gray-Smith is the Client Services Director for Gaulter Russell Numero. He drives business development and account management across both brands and all industry sectors. He also recruits senior permanent marketing, category and sales roles within the FMCG and consumer industries.

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How did you get into recruitment?


I’m one of the only recruiters I know who proactively wanted to get into recruitment. I was working in Export, but loved the experience I had with my recruiter to get the job in the first place. I applied for some big names (Gaulter Russell included), but as I didn’t have sales experience the only company that wanted to take a chance on me was a large industrial recruiter on the North Shore. After about 9 months of recruiting forklift drivers (never forget your roots), I was thankfully saved by the amazing team at Retail World Resourcing, and the rest is history!


Tell me about your new role as Client Services Director.


It’s pretty much made for me. I get to work with consultants across Gaulter Russell and Numero looking at how we deliver our key message of ‘exciting the customer’ internally and externally. Great business comes from working in partnership with people who value you and the work you do, and it gives you the ability to act as an extension of their brand. We want every interaction you have with us to exceed your expectations both as a candidate and as a client, and my role is all about making that happen. I still recruit senior consumer sales and marketing roles, as I just can’t quit it.


What are you most excited about with your new role and how is it changing the Gaulter Russell-Numero experience for clients?


We are going through a massive amount of change at the moment, all of it for the better! I’m excited that I get to work with a broad selection of consultants who come from the industries we recruit for, and our research based recruitment offering is second to none. Working with GRN gives you the best of both worlds – our strong heritage and our agile and results orientated approach to recruitment.

5 minutes with Richard Gray-Smith

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