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Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Sales Talent! Why is this so hard to find?

Sales Talent! Why is this so hard to find? And now, location is an issue!


Sales! Where do you study to become a Territory Manager, Sales Rep or Account Manager? The answer is you don’t go to school or University to study to become a sales person however so many New Zealand businesses rely a lot on the success of their sales team. There are a few Universities in the UK that are developing more sales papers within their Bachelor of Business but New Zealand is a little behind. Sales people are therefore not walking out of University, ready to go.


Sales is a skill that has to be taught while on the job, which means that a Manager and/or company has to invest a little more time to train the new recruit, which many shy away from – “as they don’t have the time”. But isn’t this vital for succession planning for the business? - that point is a whole other blog. Good development and training plans no matter how experienced the sales person, will be another pull for them to move to your business.


How do you attract the best Sales Talent? Generally, sales people are competitive and love to win, therefore you need to offer a competitive salary and a bonus structure that rewards them when they do win. A salary package needs to be very clear around detail as a sales person wants to hear and understand exactly what their earning potential could be in the first, second and third year with your business.


Sales stars are motivated by the numbers and want to succeed, so make sure you can give that to them. Some sales people would look at a lower base salary if the right bonus structure is there. They love the thrill of the chase.


Nowadays you can also find location a challenge! Whangarei, Palmy or Invercargill? There is some great talent out there however they are not always on the market, but they are definitely in the market. More than ever you need to really sell to them, why should they change roles? What can you offer them? You need to have your sales pitch ready before you even attempt to approach them. Do some background work regarding the business potential in these smaller towns and find someone that can deliver that and more, then make sure you have a good looking package to get them across the line.


There is so much more to think about than just sticking up an ad. Make sure you have done your homework thoroughly before you start talking to the market.


My role at Gaulter Russell Numero is to specialise in recruitment of sales talent outside of Auckland. There are a smaller number of sales people to choose from in small towns (clearly), so it is important to find the perfect match for your business in that region.


Erica Musgrave

Consultant – Sales

Gaulter Russell Numero

Sales Talent!  Why is this so hard to find?

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