Our approach

Our vision of ‘Excite the customer’ is at the heart of how we approach everything we do – with our clients, candidates and team members alike. We place significant value on our partnership approach which underpins all our relationships.

We are genuinely driven by the customer and therefore deliver a more flexible service.

We do not operate a 'one size fits all' methodology, rather building a process most applicable for a particular role. We believe that this consultative and personalised approach has resulted in our highly successful service delivery to date.

We focus on developing very deep pools of talent within tightly defined niche communities and providing strong value to those communities (information sharing, career advice, networking events, mentoring opportunities with senior members of the community and more). While this means we can’t help with every role, it has a huge impact on both our speed of response and quality of candidates.

We operate with three core value propositions which drive our business and the way in which we operate:

  • our people; tenure, commitment to values, experience
  • our specialisation
  • our market knowledge

These three drivers are at the core of our expertise.

To find out more, contact us on 09 529 2334.


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