Our Philosophy


Our Approach

Our vision of ‘Excite the Customer’ is at the heart of our approach in everything we do – with our clients, candidates and team members alike. We place significant value on our partnership ethos which underpins all our relationships.

We are genuinely driven by the customer and therefore deliver a more flexible service, demonstrated by the fact that we do not operate a 'one size fits all' methodology, rather we build a process most applicable for a particular role. We believe that this consultative and personalised approach has resulted in our highly successful service delivery to date.

Our proactive sourcing strategies identify the best possible talent ‘in the market’ not just ‘on the market’. We also focus on developing deep pools of candidate talent within tightly defined niche groups and providing strong value to those groups (information sharing, career advice, networking events and more). While we can’t always help with every role, accessing these talent pools has a significant positive impact on both our speed of response and quality of candidates.

We operate with three core value propositions which drive our business and the way in which we operate:

  • our people; tenure, commitment to values, experience
  • our specialisations
  • our market knowledge

These three drivers are at the core of our expertise. To find out more, contact us.


We look to work with clients who share our passion for our disciplines and the belief that their people are both at the heart of their business and key to their success. Our clients do not treat us as a third party supplier, rather an integral part of their team engaging us in a true partnership arrangement.


Our vision of ‘Excite the Customer’ is at the heart of everything we do and this also drives how we interact with our candidates. Every consultant from the GRN team - whether specialising in contract or permanent recruitment - will take the time to draw out your unique offering, your strengths and your differences. It’s important we understand the sectors you have experience in, listen to your objectives, your interests, and your reasons for wanting to take the next step. It’s also essential we are clear from the start of your salary and reward expectations and your overall career ambitions. This is all about what you want and how we can help you get there.

In candidates we look for an attitude that is second to none and a background of achievement. We look for people who don’t see a job as "just another job" but rather as an exciting opportunity and a deliberate next step in their career. We work with those who believe in success and who can demonstrate this clearly in their career to date.

In fact, if you asked someone who works in any of our disciplines in NZ, they have probably been through our doors.  In the last 15 years alone, we have placed over 6,000 people into roles and with an average staff tenure of 5.5 years, we will look after both you and your career. Our NPS score sits at just under 80 too so obviously we are doing something right.

For us it’s important that you enjoy the recruitment experience, and we value the role we play in this important next step in your life. Changing your job should be exciting, and so should the process of getting there.