Retail is a national obsession in many countries, and Kiwis like the rest of the world, love to shop.  Retail can mean anything from high end shopping boutiques or appliance outlets, through to everyday needs-based shopping such as grocery stores. Retail can also come in forms such as travel, banks, or petroleum. These days with the prevalence of online stores, this sector is more competitive than ever, with most retailers providing both bricks and mortar stores as well as online concepts aimed at meeting the customer’s need, no matter where or when. 


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Gaulter Russell have a strong and diverse background in retail recruitment in New Zealand, as we are in a unique position where we also supply recruitment services to their suppliers at the same time (see FMCG). We deal with many large format stores that sell appliances, hardware and building supplies, through to NZ’s only 100% owned and operated supermarket retailer. We also deal with fashion and clothing retailers who operate throughout the country, as well as major bank and travel outlets. 


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As retail, in a sense, owns its own supply chain and distribution (products come in to a DC, and go out through a store or online), there are many layers to the types of jobs that need recruiting. Store based roles and multi site/ regional management positions are one level, but behind the scenes are buyers, merchandise planners, retail marketers, and digital marketers (for online stores) through to logistics, supply chain, and even as far as off-shore sourcing.  Recent placements within the Retail Sectors include Category Managers, Buyers, Designers, Merchandise Managers, Regional Operations Managers, Cluster Managers, Marketing / Brand / Campaign Managers, Promotional / Trade Marketing Executives and Digital Specialists.


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