I have had the privilege to work with Gaulter Russell for many years on both sides of the fence; recruiting candidates and seeking employment for myself. My most recent experience with Fiona McCrostie has been exceptional.  In short I was starting to think about my next career move I contacted Fiona to have an initial chat and start the process.  It was an inspiring discussion, she was so supportive and enthusiastic about what the future could hold for me.  My experience has been predominantly marketing and partnership marketing however my most recent adventure was Research, Insights and Customer Strategy focused.  I really wanted to continue in this speciality and ultimately remain in Media.  Fiona proactively promoted me to an organisation and opened the doors for an introduction and discussion.  From there the opportunity unfolded and I am now a permanent employee within that company working with amazing people with a role that is truly the perfect next step for me.  It encompasses my skills and experience in a culture that is bang on.  Fiona was delightful to deal with, she kept me on my toes, she managed the entire process from meetings to contract negotiations through to my first day.  I won’t be requiring Fiona’s expertise for me personally for a long time to come, but she will be the first person I contact when I have recruitment requirements.  She is not only professional but truly a pleasure to work with.

Kathryn Mitchell

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